A Generalized “Z-Less” Mixing Length-Scale for Stable Atmospheric Boundary Layers

Authors: Grisogono B.

Year: 2009

Issue: 04

Pages: 154-163


Recent research suggests that the evolution of the stable ABL is still poorly understood. Certain advances in theory and modeling of the stable ABL (SABL) are assessed. Inclined strongly SABL is addressed. We show that a relatively thin and strongly SABL, as recently modeled using an improved “z-less” mixing length, can be successfully treated; the result is quietly extended to other types of SABL. Finally, a generalized “z-less” mixing length is proposed.

Tags: katabatic flow; Monin-Obukhov length; numerical modelling; parameterization; Prandtl number; Richardson numbers; stratified turbulence; very stable boundary layer


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