Pollution of the Airbasin of an Industrial Center. Verification of the Theory

Authors: Belan B.D., Uzhegova N.V.

Year: 2009

Issue: 04

Pages: 129-135


A study of air qualities has been done in 11 Siberian cities from Irkutsk (easternmost) to Novosibirsk (westernmost) in winter and summer with a mobile measurement station. It is shown that in winter a modern industrial city is not only a “heat island”, but also a “pollution island”. Admixtures concentration in centers of most cities is much higher than in their periphery. The exception is ozone, which is apparently destroyed by industrial emissions in the center and replenished in the periphery. In summer the local circulation is considerably weakened, and the difference between the parameter values for the center and periphery not always remains.

Tags: air pollution; heat island; industrial center; mobile measurement station; suburban; urban


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