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ISSN: 2311-0902

Founder and  Publisher: Odessa State Environmental University, Odessa, Ukraine

Serial title:  Ukraïnsʹkij gìdrometeorologìčnij žurnal

Abbreviated title:   Ukr. gìdrometeorol. ž.

English title:  Ukranian  hydrometeorological  journal  (abbreviated: Ukr. hydrometeor. j.)

Authors’ benefits:

  • Free publication of articles and free posting of their soft copies on the Internet.
  • Opportunity to submit articles in one of the following languages: Ukrainian, English or Russian.
  • Publication frequency – at least twice a year.
  • Opportunity to submit soft copies of articles from any part of the world.
  • Compliance of journal’s printed copies to the relevant international standards.
  • Attention of the editorial staff to all authors and readiness to communicate.
  • Emailing of proofread articles.
  • No certificates of appraisal enabling open publication of submitted material are required.

The Editorial Board is currently working on indexing of the articles through the leading scientific databases and abstracting services.

Journal’s subject matter:

The Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Journal is the interdepartmental publication, which publishes the results of theoretical and experimental research on areas of meteorology, climatology, agricultural meteorology, hydrology, oceanography and hydrography, highlights the meteorological aspects of environmental monitoring and the current state of some problems in these areas.

The journal covers the following sections:

  • Hydrometeorological Aspects of Environmental Monitoring
  • Meteorology and Climatology
  • Agricultural Meteorology
  • Hydrology and Hydroecology
  • Oceanography and Marine Nature Management

Submitted materials are subject to peer review.

Editorial Board Address15 Lvivska Str., Odessa, Ukraine 65016, Odessa State Environmental University,

Editorial board of the scientific  journalUkranian hydrometeorological journal

Editor-in-Chief:   Stepanenko Serhey Mykolayovych

Deputy  of  Editor-in-Chief:  Polevoy Anatoliy Nikolaevich

E-mail:  apolevoy@te.net.ua

Executive Secretary: Marunych Olexandra Ivanivna

Phone:   (0482)-32-67-58

E-mail: redactor11@ukr.net & redactor@odeku.edu.ua