Requirements to Articles

Requirements to Articles

Text of manuscripts should be typed using MS Word software, MS Office 2010 and earlier versions.

To ensure appropriate formatting of text of manuscripts submitted to the journal the MAR_ODEKU UHMJ template was created. Before typing manuscripts authors should download the latest template file.

The template file is used to simplify preparation of manuscripts for publication.

All necessary styles for formatting the text are already embedded in the template. Text of manuscripts should be just typed instead of the text given in the template.

The template file contains information about manuscripts’ structure, styles used for formatting components of manuscripts (Section 3), advice on preparing equations (Section 4),  figures (Section 5),. tables (Section 6).

When typing text nonbreaking space should be widely used (hot keys Shift + Ctrl + Space). It should be placed between: the first and last names; value and unit of measurement; after such abbreviations as Fig., Tabl., vol., no. etc.

Additional information on preparation of articles

  • List of references should be typed in the format adopted for scientific journals of the OSENU (see Requirements to References).
  • At the beginning of the manuscript, if necessary, the Index by the РАСS Scheme (Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme) has to be specified so that the subject of the article can be classified according to the Index.
  • When making references to the articles it is recommended to specify journals’ abbreviated names as they are registered in the ICI_Web of Science System.