Numerical Simulation of the Dangerous Events in the Steppe Part of Ukraine

Authors: Pirnach A.M., Dudar S.M., Shpyg V.M.

Year: 2009

Issue: 04

Pages: 53-59


The three-dimension diagnostic and prognostic models of frontal cloud systems have been used for investigation of atmospheric phenomena connected with atmospheric fronts and their cloud systems that caused the damage events. Case of high convective cell caused aircrafts accident (August of 2006) will be presented in detail. It is found that is plausible to assume that crash was caused by conditions as follow: violent development of chimney clouds on the way of aircraft; cells of the strong vertical motions that can make the flight out of control; zones of instability that caused strong turbulence; chimney convective clouds with crystal tops and mixed layers that caused riming of aircraft.

Tags: aircraft crush; chimney clouds; frontal cloud system; numerical simulation


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