Reviewing Procedure


All the articles received by the Editorial board are to be reviewed.

The goal of reviewing is to promote a strict selection of authors’ manuscripts for publication and to make concrete recommendations for their improvement. The procedure of reviewing is focused on the most objective assessment of the scientific article’s content, identification of its compliance with the journal. Also reviewing provides a comprehensive analysis of advantages and disadvantages of article’s materials. Only those articles that are valuable from a scientific point of view will be published.

  Reviews highlight the following aspects:

  • Does the title of the article clearly reflect its content?
  • Does the subject fall within the general scope of the journal?
  • Is this a new and original contribution? (For review articles this need not necessary apply)
  • Is the scientific level of the article sufficient for publication in the journal ?
  • Is wide audience interested in the article?
  • What are specific positive aspects and drawbacks of the article, what corrections and additions should the author introduce in the article (if any)?

According to the journal’s editorial policy the reviewing procedure is anonymous for authors and is to be carried out by at least two reviewers (one external) appointed by the Editor-in- Chief or his/her Deputy. External reviewing involves domestic and foreign scientists who have scientific papers on the subjects stated in the article. External Reviewers are usually selected randomly considering their current availability and subject to their consent. Reviewers must comply with the Committee on Publication Ethics’s requirements with respect to ethics in scientific publications and remain objective and impartial. In case of suspected plagiarism Reviewers refer to the Editorial Board with a request for further testing of publication in terms of plagiarism.

The Reviewer report form is sent to Reviewers by the Editor-in-Chief or his/her Deputy. After filling the Reviewer report form (only electronically), Reviewers send the form to the Editor-in-Chief (or his/her  Deputy) by email.

After receipt of the article from the Editorial board all Reviewers have one month for its reviewing.