Features of temperature regime in shallow waters (the case of Dofinovsky estuary), compared with the sea coast of Odessa

Authors: Bolshakov V.N.

Year: 2013

Issue: 13

Pages: 226-233


Subtle differences temperature variability of different time scales in the sea off the coast of Odessa and in the shallow Dofinovsky estuary are revealed on a base of annual series of measurements with a half-hour measuring resolution. When conditions of the solar radiation – the main factor of the temperature variability – are almost identical these differences are determined by morphometry of a bodies of water. Morphometry features of water transform the results of the meteorological factors, including the same solar radiation. Two interesting features of the variability in water temperature under the ice are revealed.

Tags: annual cycle; diurnal cycle; Dofinovsky estuary; ice; the half-hour measuring resolution; time scales; time variability; water temperature


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