The decision of the equation of turbulent diffusion for the stationary point source

Authors: Stepanenko, S., V.Voloshin, and S.Tiptsov

Year: 2008

Issue: 03

Pages: 13-24


The new decision of complete equalization of turbulent diffusion, which, is presented, unlike previous,
cooperation of components of factor of diffusion and speed of wind takes into account in the direction of axes
( i = x, y, z ) Cartesian system of coordinates on condition that components take on any values k =ν + ki and ui ≥ 0 (whereν , ki – molecular and turbulent coefficient of diffusion, ui – speed of wind). Allows to get calculations formulas the fields of concentrations at any thermodynamic conditions of the atmosphere and speeds of wind, including at calm without approximations of scales of diffusion from distance.

Tags: dispersion of pollution an atmosphere; distribution of concentration pollutant; factors of diffusion; point source; reflection and absorption of pollution by a surface.; the equation of turbulent diffusion


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