Review of fundamental nuclear-geophysical researches in OSENU: I. standard beta decay theory elements and new cooperative electron-β-nuclear spectroscopy

Authors: A.V. Glushkov

Year: 2015

Issue: 16

Pages: 24-29


This paper opens a series of publications, devoted to review of new results of the original nuclear-geophysical researches at the OSENU mathematics department and its laboratories (computational and quan-tum mathematics and mechanics, environmental radioactivity, nuclear geophysics). Primarily the first mate-rial will focus on fundamental issues that constitute the theoretical basis of the further applied nuclear–geophysical research. It is shortly presented a modern approach to computing the key parameters of the beta decay processes. There are discussed the cooperative electron β-nuclear processes in atoms and molecules, including the excitation, ionization, electronic rearrangement, induced by the nuclear reactions and β-decay. A few factors are taken into account: changing the integration limits in the Fermi function integral, energy corrections for different chemical substances, and the possibility of the bound β-decay or other exotic decay channels.

Tags: cooperative electron-beta-nuclear spectros-copy; electron β-decay processes; nuclear geophysics


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