Determination of constituents receipt Kakhovka Reservoir water balance

Authors: O.S. Koryagina

Year: 2015

Issue: 16

Pages: 209-214


The study of the reservoirs is of great scientific interest and is of practical importance for the solution of problems of rational use and protection of water resources. The paper describes the latest reservoir in the cascade of Dnipro Kakhovka Reservoir and its component of water balance. The methods of determining the components of the water balance that were once offered the Kakhovka hydro-meteorological observatory are submitted. Great attention is drawn to the surface flow of water into the reservoir from unexplored rivers, which is determined by the method of analogy. The probable error of this method, in turn, is equal to for monthly values 30-50% and annual – 10-20%. So, there is provided somewhat different a method for determining the surface flow using the curve of security component amount of annual precipitation, maps of the norm runoff and tables SNiP The proposed method simplifies and accelerates the process of calculating the amounts of surface water flow in unexplored rivers to Kakhovka reservoir.

Tags: precipitation; pressure water flow; reservoir; river runoff; water balance


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