Development of calculated and normative framework in the field of maximum runoff of rain and spring flood: Problems and possible solutions

Authors: E.D. Gopchenko, M.E. Romanchuk, V.A. Ovcharuk

Year: 2015

Issue: 16

Pages: 164-170


The article deals with the problematic issues related to the definition of the design characteristics of the maximum runoff of rain and spring floods the rare probability of exceedance in the case absence of direct observations for hydrological regime of rivers. A brief review of foreign and domestic methods to determine the maximum runoff of the rivers is discussed. A new calculated and normative framework based on the theory of channel isochronous with using geometric model of slope and streamflow hydrographs are proposed. The formulas proposed by the authors is recommended for practical use, as a supplement to a new regulatory document, which is being developed in Ukraine.

Tags: layers runoff; maximum runoff; rain floods; river bed network; spring floods; the channel-floodplain regulation; the design characteristics; transformation function of flood waves


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