Generalized dynamical stochastic model of global cycle of the carbon: long-tern forecast of adaptation for system of ocean-atmosphere at an anthropogenic action

Authors: Glushkov A.V., Khokhlov V.N., Serbov N.G., Svinarenko A.A., Serga E.N., Lukash T.V.

Year: 2009

Issue: 05

Pages: 27-31


It is carried out the long-term forecast of adaptation for system of “ocean-atmosphere” at an athropogenic action within the generalized carbon global cycle model, which reproduces a season dynamics of carbon cycle in an ocean with account for the zone ocean structure, a dependence of the СО2 transfer through the atmosphere-ocean boundary upon temperature of the water and air, wind velocity, biotical activity contribution.

Tags: carbon cycle; generalized dynamical stochastic model; long-term forecast; system “oceanatmosphere”


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