Development of general structure of atmosphere radiosounding system in Ukraine

Authors: Velmiskin D.I., Limonov A.S., Lavrinenkо U.V., Pustovit T.M., Buchinskaya I.V.

Year: 2016

Issue: 18

Pages: 12-17


Obtaining accurate and timely information about the state of the atmosphere is an important requirement for making synoptic, aviation and other forecasts needed in many areas of human activity. One of the main fundamental types of meteorological measurements are aerological measurements produced in the free atmosphere. Among them the most important and significant place is occupied by radio sounding of the atmosphere carried out using upper-air radiosondes elevated in the free atmosphere by a gas-filled casing. The article analyzes the existing system of radiosounding of the Ukrainian atmosphere, determines its drawbacks, highlights demands that meet international standards. The structure of the atmosphere radiosounding system using GPS and GLONASS radionavigation system was also proposed. The authors offer specific technical solutions for the most important elements of the system on the basis of modern information technologies.

Tags: complex; digital pocket; meteorology; parameters; radionavigation; radiosondes; receiver; satellites


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